About us

The timber trade Holzhandel Johnen plc was founded in 1990 by Joseph Johnen – after twenty years of experience as round timber purchase agent at a German softwood sawmill – and his wife Helga Ramscheidt.


Their son Christoph Johnen joined the family business after his studies, in 1995.

Today, Holzhandel Johnen plc has a total of four permanent employees for purchase of round timber, sales and administration.

An additional 15 to 20 independent forest enterprises responsible for timber harvesting and transport count among our long-standing partners.

We buy all kinds of softwood and hardwood from private individuals, communes and the state, after which we harvest, process and sell it to our customers (sawmills, particle board factories, veneer mills, private individuals, carpenter’s workshops, etc.) while respecting and preserving the environment.

Since the founding of Johnen plc, the company has been consistently been pursuing the same goal:

“Supplying our customers with best quality, at prices in line with the market and on time.“